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Vlogging Tips for Beginners

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and start a vlog.

Scary isn’t it?

Fear not as we will outline a few essential vlogging tips to help you on your way.

A lot of people are attracted to the world of vlogging as a way to document a hobby or passion, a lot of travel vloggers vlog so that family and friends can see what they are up to.

Others start as a means to make a little money, whilst others have dreams of becoming famous and making it rich.

Regardless of why anyone starts a vlog they all start at the beginning, an empty YouTube channel and lots of ideas.

Vlogging Tips

Once the decision has been made to make your first vlog you may want to dive right on in there and hit the record button on your vlogging camera.

But wait;

What exactly is your vlog about and where do you see it in a month, 6 months, or a year from now?

Choose Your Niche

Probably the most important of all vlogging tips is to choose your niche early.

Unless your vlogs have some form of theme or niche running through them it will be very hard to find a target audience.

Random unrelated vlogs recorded on a whim aren’t really going to find much traction with many people.

In many ways, your niche will define your audience so it really is paramount that you are clear from the beginning just what exactly your vlog material will be about.

Try to leverage your skills and passions.

For example, if you love to travel and take regular vacations then vlogging on your holidays is an obvious choice.

Don’t Choose a Topic you are Not Passionate About

The quickest way to kill your motivation for your newly created channel is to be vlogging about something that you are not really that interested in.

There are literally thousands of channels that have been started only to die a death after about 2 or 3 episodes all because the vlogger was not interested in the subject matter and instead they were pursuing it purely to make money.

Follow your passion and pour yourself into it 110%. The views will come once you start to promote your channel.

Don’t lose heart if initially, you don’t get many views – everyone started out that way!

Persistence is key.

Be Sincere

This tip follows on from niche selection and having a passion for what you are doing.

Sincerity shines through and so does genuine enthusiasm. Don’t try to be something you are not as most people can see through it.

If you are passionate and genuinely interested in what you are doing then it will resonate with people a lot more.

Stay Active and Update Frequently

No one wants to be subscribed to a channel that only updates once in a blue moon.

Pick the right publishing frequency that suits your life and make a point of sticking to it.

There are lots of really great channels out there that quite simply stopped for whatever reason.

If some of them just kept at it they could have made it quite big by now.

Don’t be one of those vloggers.

Make Quality a Priority

Quality will always be subjective but there are little things that should always be observed if you want to produce the best possible content on your channel.

Talk clearly and in a natural tone. Try not to curse or use bad language.

Make sure you are happy with the lighting and the quality of the sound. Try not to have any music or a television playing in the background as they can often sound bad when used during recording. Plus they are also distracting for your viewers.

Promote Your Channel – Very Important Vlogging Tip

This is why a lot of vloggers fail regardless of how good their work actually is.

​Only the very lucky few can make it with a viral video without doing any kind of promotion.

So what do we mean by promotion?

There are a number of different ways to get your personal brand seen:

  • Commenting on other vlogs in your niche
  • Commenting on niche websites and sharing your video’s on them
  • Sharing them on your social media
  • Running ads to promote them

Commenting on other vlogs

Without a doubt promotion of your channel will be the biggest determining factor of just how well you do.

Why wait for people to randomly find you when you can get out there and actively search and engage with them?

The first step is to subscribe to all of the other channels in your niche.

Find as many as you can and then start to leave some comments on their videos.

Not all will reply to you but some will, especially the smaller ones.

Build up a rapport and become involved in the tight-knit community that makes up your niche.

Commenting on niche websites

Search online for niche-relevant blogs and websites. Start to comment on their post especially if you have a vlog that is on a similar topic.

Once you have broken the ice you can drop a link in the comments to your vlog post.

Just be careful not to start spamming lots of different sites.

No one wants someone on the blog that is only interested in self-promotion, try to make it seem natural.

Social Media Sharing

Share, share and share some more across all social media accounts that you have.

But don’t just stop there. Find niche-relevant Facebook groups or sub Reddits for example and actively promote your content in them.

Again try not to make it look like you are only there to self-promote.

Engage with others in the groups and try to use your content in a way that helps others with an issue or problem they are having.

Reply to your Followers

Not replying to your followers is a serious no-no.

Why would someone continue to watch your content if you can’t be bothered to reply to their questions?

Actively engaging with someone that comments on your channel is one of the best ways to really build a base of enthusiastic followers.

If someone feels like they are connecting with you through your channel chances are they will probably be a reliable long-term subscriber.

Buy Some Decent Equipment​

​Using your phone for your first few vlogs is fine. Once you are sure that you are going to continue vlogging then you may need to invest in a better camera and some lighting.

There are lots of different cameras suitable for blogging. Sony, Canon, or a gopro for vlogging are all the top brands to look into.

A good microphone is also a wise investment.

Get Good at Editing

Practice editing your vlogs as much as possible and experiment with ones that you are not going to share publicly so you can explore all of the possibilities of video editing.

Editing can and does play a role in how you present yourself and your message in your vlog.

We hope these vlogging tips can help you on your way to growing your audience quickly and consistently!

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