Read on the Road: Learning from Big Magic

Big Magic is magic, that is honestly what I said to myself when I read this book. I didn’t even have to finish it to say it. If you don’t know what it is, let me tell you: it’s a giant bubble of inspiration and motivation (at least that’s what it is in my head). In reality, Big Magic is a book written by Elizabeth Gilbert about creative living and how to embrace it. This is a great book to read while traveling or if you need a little boost to take a step out of your comfort zone.

I don’t usually write posts about books in the past, but this one deserves some attention. This is not a book review. I am not going to tell you how good Elizabeth wrote her story or anything like that. Instead, I want to share with you some important lessons that she taught me through this novel.

Magic is real.

Roll your eyes if you want, but I believe this. I’ve been looking for the perfect definition of creativity and ideas, and I think Elizabeth Gilbert gave the explanation that works perfectly for me. Magic is real and creativity is alive. We don’t see it but it’s all around us, looking for the right person to collab with until it is realized and created into this world.

I acknowledge that I am here.

One of the most important things that I’ve learned from Big Magic would realizing that I am here in the world and I have the right to be. I took this as one of the most important lessons because I am one who tends to bring myself down. I like writing about my personal thoughts and about my adventures through out the world, but in a world that is already supersaturated with travel bloggers and bloggers in general, how the hell am I going to stand out? How am I going to be noticed? The people that have been doing this for years are already beyond me. So, who do I think I am for thinking that I can make it?

I don’t remember how Elizabeth Gilbert wrote it, but I believe it’s between the lines of “for thousands of years people have been repeating everything, and every idea is basically taken”. Yes, I agree. Let’s not deny it because when I google for travel bloggers, the list is literally endless. So many ideas on travel blogging or just blogging are taken. What’s the point then? The point is although these ideas have been executed, they have not been executed by you (or in this case, me). Like anybody else, we have the right to create and express our ideas even though the list of predecessors goes on and on. And I think this is something that we usually forget; we worry too much about the playground being full and end up staying on the side. This isn’t being arrogant, okay? It’s just the realization that we deserve some fun too!

Like me, other people have the right to be.

When we put our thoughts, ideas, and work out there, it can get scary. There are people who will judge you and say that you are doing things wrongly. Personally, I don’t like being criticized (who does?). I don’t like to be the object that everybody sees and judge. However, I learned long ago that critics can help you grow. If it helps you, take it and learn from it. If it doesn’t and people just hate you for having a voice or being yourself, then let it go.

Letting go of harsh criticism and ‘hate comments’ from people can be tough. But remember, if I am entitled to my opinion and you are entitled for yours, then other people are entitled to theirs. Let them have their opinions, but that’s it. We don’t have to take it back home with us.

Dedicate yourself to doing what you love

One final lesson that Big Magic taught me is if you love something, dedicate your life to it. Elizabeth Gilbert shared her experience on how she dedicated an hour every day to write something. Even if it was a bad day, she had to write something. Was the result always marvelous? No, maybe not, but there is an output and dedication. I think this is important for someone who wants to live a creative life: dedication. If Elizabeth Gilbert can dedicated an hour of her day to write on a bad day, I surely can be creative while getting a master degree in a totally different field.

Big Magic is life-changing.

These lessons are merely crumbs of the things that I learned from this book. Some of you might think that these things are repeated all the time in life and that we all know it. If you did have this knowledge beforehand, kudos to you. Maybe I have it too and it’s stored in my brain somewhere. However, I believe that we need reminders about these things. Work, school, even people can make us forget these essential thoughts, and having a reminder never hurts anyone, right?

Whenever I travel, I like to bring a good book with me and this book is one of my favorite to travel with. This book reminds me that it’s okay to explore my own path and pursue what I want. So, I hope you enjoyed this post and that you are inspired to get your hands on this book. Happy readings and happy travels!

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