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Hi There!

Hi there! If you’re reading this, thank you and welcome to Her Coffee Diaries!

Thank you for taking the time of your day to visit this new site and reading this first post of mine. I am super excited to finally launch this website. Having my own website has been a dream of mine, but I never had the courage to make the commitment. However, since I am entering a new phase in my life, I thought maybe this should be part of it too.

So, this is Her Coffee Diaries. I thought long and hard regarding my website and its name. I was thinking about naming it after my hobby of traveling, but I’m not one of the travelers that are on the road every day. I also have many other hobbies such as art, beauty, DIY, etc., but there is one thing in common: coffee. Every time I think of ideas or work on a project, I always have a cup of coffee beside me, but not exactly black coffee. I might be judged for this by coffee lovers but I can’t really drink black coffee. I can, but I can’t; I feel like it’s missing something. So, that’s how Her Coffee Diaries came up.

This website is going to be about all the things I like, basically (isn’t that what people write about in their website?). There will be plenty of posts about my past and future travel trips, DIYs, opinions, restaurants, cafés, etc. So, I hope you all like it, and to all fellow bloggers, please share your knowledge as well! Hope to be friends with all of you as well <3


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