About Me

I am a third culture kid, born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in 1993. Since I was young, my family moved around a lot and I adapted with the idea of living life as a nomad. I went to boarding school for my high school years, so living without my parents (even though they still helped me from a distance) was not a problem.

In 2012, I left Indonesia because I received a scholarship for my undergraduate program in Taiwan, my major was Spanish. Yes, I was studying Spanish in Taiwan. My period in Taiwan was when I started to get the travel bug. I saved money for traveling and planning my budget for filming equipment to film travel videos and vlogs on my Youtube channel. I shared my travels through a blog and my Youtube channel, but since it was a free blog, I couldn’t get a lot going on and just decided to stop blogging for awhile. Until now.

After graduating college in June, I moved to the United States to continue with my graduate studies (also in Spanish, and also with a scholarship – I could never afford education in the USA without one). Since I am starting a new chapter in life, I decided to commit to making an actual website. I understand that I don’t really have the privilege to travel every single day since I am still pursuing my education, so this website can’t really be 100% dedicated to travel. Hence the name Her Coffee Diaries; I may not be traveling all the time, but I am always at an arms reach from a cup of coffee.

So, I hope you enjoy reading Her Coffee Diaries, and I’ll be in touch.