4 Easy Ways to Save Money for Travel

since I started to travel here and there, multiple comments and questions came up about how I managed to save money for travel. I was a student, and still am until this very day, so how did I manage to travel more than the average student would? My friends and family would implicitly and explicitly comment:

  • How are you traveling all the time?
  • Don’t you have school?
  • So, you must be rich, huh?
  • Isn’t it expensive?
  • I envy you, you can travel all the time.

Okay, let’s be realistic here. I don’t travel all the time. I am a student, that is my full-time job, and I have obligations to my studies as well. But when I have the opportunity, will I travel? YES!

Do I need money to travel? Yes, I do.

Am I rich? No, I’m not.

Where do I get the money? From my savings. Like anybody else, I try to save money. As much as possible.

My BOSS way to save money for travel

So, are you looking to do the same thing? Do you want to travel but don’t know where to start? Well, here’s a BOSS way to save money for travel that might help you:

1. Budget, budget, budget!

The first thing to do is to plan out your destination. Whenever I have an idea of where I want to go, I make bullet points that usually look like this:

  • How many days?
  • Flights?
  • Which cities?
  • Accommodation?
  • Activities?
  • Food?

Map out your destination and start budgeting based on your needs. Once that is done, you will have a rough idea regarding how much money is needed. Getting a rough idea of your budget always helps.

Note that your destination doesn’t always have to be abroad; you start by exploring your country first.

2. Organize your bank!

This is the part where you can divide and conquer. When you receive income or allowance, split it into two: daily needs and travel savings. Save your travel savings money in a savings account or a separate bank account. If you don’t want to make two accounts, keep it hidden somewhere or make a travel savings jar!

3.Stop consuming, start producing!

Consume less if you want to visit Valparaíso, a marvelous city in Chile

Realistically speaking, this is easier said than done. Stop with the daily Starbucks trip, stop with the wardrobe shopping, and stop with the drinks every Friday night. Judge me if you like, but try counting the money you spend if you keep consuming. The number adds up! So, instead of getting coffee every morning, try making your own and put that $3 into your travel savings. Also remember, second-hand items are your best friends. Try going to shops like Goodwill or Salvation Army, and don’t be embarrassed. I would rather go to a beach in Ecuador instead of getting new clothes every week!

For this part, I’m not saying you should be antisocial. You can hang out and go out, but limit the going out part. Better yet, hang out at your house and organize a potluck. Tell your friends to bring their own booze as well! It will be fun and pocket friendly.

Oh, and if you can get a part-time job and make money, that would be a great plus point!

4. Say bye-bye to unnecessary bills

Cut the cord! If you have bills that don’t really benefit you, such as gym memberships, subscription boxes, insurance policies that you don’t need, etc., then do not hesitate to say adios. You might be thinking, Netflix is only 10 USD a month. Well, dear, you know what that could get you in Thailand or Indonesia? Tons of local food!

I met a lot of travelers these past few years who sold their cars, quit their gyms, cut off their magazine subscriptions, and so on. They know that these things weigh you down in the long run. If your city has a great transportation system, why not use that instead? If you can go running in parks and work out at home, why not do that instead? As consumers, we have that urge to say ‘Oh I need this and that’. Honestly, we don’t.

Yes, I know it’s hard to let go. Even I still have unnecessary bills from time to time. But let’s try to minimize it, shall we?

Now BOSS your way to adventures

So, there you have it. These are my BOSS budgeting system to keep in mind when you want to save money for travel:

  • Budget
  • Organize
  • Stop
  • Say ‘bye-bye’

I hope these tips help you to save money for travel so you can get exploring in no time. And if you need extra help to cut the cost during your travels, check out tips to travel for less from a fellow girl boss, Liane (she explores the world as well!). Happy travels!

P.S.: Do you have any tips to save money for travel? If you do, share in the comments below!

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